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Lauren Mackenzie


Hi, I’m Lauren Mackenzie, I have had a passion for animals for as long as I can remember. I have always had a dog in my life if not more than one. I got involved with rescue organizations and fostering dogs about 8 years ago. After gaining a better understanding of why most dog were ending up at the shelters and rescues, I took it into my own hands to find a way to make sure I was providing the best care and training to make sure the foster dogs I had would find their forever homes and have the manners and obedience skills to help them adjust and live a long happy life with their new families. Training has become such a huge part of my life I absolutely love being a part of creating an unbreakable bond between our clients and their dogs.

The Trainers


Christina McCauley

Jack McCauley

Chrissy Joy

Rachel Richards


Leslie Horan


Debra Jones

Dee Hart


Lauren Mackenzie


Marie Greer

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