Rachel Richards

Hi, I’m Rachel Richards, Canine Conditioning Coach, and I have a life long love of dogs. There was always a dog in my house while growing up and my adult life is no different. It wasn’t until I received my yellow Lab, Sam, as a gift, that I learned I had a knack for training. Sam was a certified therapy dog by the time he was 9 months on and went on to become a NASAR certified Search and Rescue K9.

Because I loved the relationship I built with Sam and other dogs that had joined my pack, and after 7 years of experience, I started my own dog training business to help others achieve that relationship.

I started actively competing with my dogs in Canine Weight Pull in February 2011 from that point on… I was hooked!  I actively compete in dog sports such as Weight Pull, UKC Obedience and Rally Trials.

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