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Danielle Ewing


Hi my name is Danielle Brouillette, and I am so excited you are here!


My adventure with BFF began very much like yours, I was looking for training with my German Shepherd, Smokey. I started with Basic Obedience and went on to train through the higher levels of Obedience. BFF had taught me that in order to have a well rounded dog you must give them a job. This is where Smokey and I found our passion of Tracking. 

Between the skills I have learned from BFF and my background of owning my own Farrier Business, working with horses on many facets, my goal is to help you and your dog find your passion by creating a bond built on effective communication. 

The Trainers


Christina McCauley


Jack McCauley

Dee Hart

Chrissy Joy


Debra Jones


Lauren Mackenzie


Marie Greer


Danielle Ewing

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