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Caitlyn Askey

I got my start in early 2021 when I adopted my first pup, Cooper. As is common with rescue dogs, Cooper had some trust issues that needed to be addressed. Through play & training, I was able to learn how best to communicate with Cooper, creating a solid bond & building up trust. Over time, I saw how Cooper’s trust in me gave him confidence to try new things (we love tricks class!) and handle situations that were previously way too scary (feathers and turtles are still too scary but we will sniff them before running away now). By developing a basic understanding of how to communicate with my dog, I have been able to build a healthier, stronger relationship with him, giving us the ability to handle things as a team. 


Learning to communicate with your dog helps to set them up for success, giving you the tools you need to help provide them with the best, happiest, goofiest dog-life possible. My goal as a trainer is to help you develop these tools & learn how to use them effectively. 


I look forward to working with you & your best friend!

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